Master Ziji in Frankfurt (Germany) at Shaolin Wahnam

Master Ziji in Frankfurt (Germany) at Shaolin Wahnam

There is a new workshop happening in Frankfurt hosted by the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. Master Ziji will introduce Wudang Internal Martial Arts for Beginners, and advanced students.

13th – 14th October 2018 in Frankfurt!

The Goal

The comprehensive understanding of the internal martial arts and providing the right methods for developing the work with yin and yang itself. Someone may study for decades, but without the correct method, it is hard to improve. What is Taiji and how can we use it in our daily life and our practice? It is the most exciting part in the internal self-development to understand the freedom of oneself and to improve weak points and to overcome existing health problems.

The Content

During the first day, we will study the Jibengong and Jibenquan forms. Without the necessary strength and understanding of how our body works, it is hard to go deeper in the internal arts. On the second day, we will study Taiji basics Zhan Zhuang and internal methods to understand the Yin and Yang separation. Then we will look at the Jibenquan form again and see how we improved with the understanding of Taiji.

There is a lot of content going on, and it is an event which should not be missed!


Kruppstraße 114
60388 Frankfurt am Main

Register Here!

Please send an email to this contact if you plan on participating! You can also check the homepage directly here!

Telefon: (069) 90 43 19 54

Homepage Information!

The price for the day is 70 Euro and 120 Euro for both days! Of course, it is highly recommended to go for both days since the content will support each other and greatly enhance the understanding of the previous day.

Hope to see you soon!

Master Ziji

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