Daoist Uniform Blue 3/4 Sleeves and Elastic White Pants

Michael Weichhardt Ziji Daoist Uniform

Master Ziji (Michael Weichhardt) designed this Daoist Robe for hot climates, while the uniform loses a bit in traditional design it manages to keep the typical Daoist fashion. Another reason for developing this uniform is to have more hand and arm freedom when practicing Taiji sword.

The Uniform comes with a natural robe in cotton/linen and synthetic pants which are highly stretchable for a comfortable performance for movements that require a high amount of flexibility. For traditional reasons this uniform must be tailored as a short Daoist Robeversion, it is a style-breaker to request 3/4 sleeves with a long Daoist robe cut. (Badge on chest not included)

  • Unisex
  • Cotton/linen material (Robe)
  • Elastic synthetic material (Pants)
  • Custom-made
  • Inside pocket
  • 3/4 Sleeves
  • Open arms
  • Elastic closed legs

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