Mutual Respect in School

Mutual Respect in School

Daoism teaches us that we should focus on ourselves. Yet ignoring others is just as much an external influence that changes our nature. How do we make our place in a Wudang school?

Together we should:

  • Carefully watch and look out
  • Motivate and support each other
  • Be exemplary first

Carry Wudang always in us

Look at a place in your heart that is reserved for purity. Like the wish of a 5-year-old without intentions. Where are we if we steer our ambition in one direction without ulterior motive and unnecessary ballast? We are where freedom meets our wishes.

Many generations have experienced and supported this path to continue these teachings in our school today. Without discipline and tradition, there is no progress for us. In order to do justice to the necessary respect of our ancestors in Sanfengpai, everyone is urged to steer their ambition clearly in one direction.

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  1. This is the way it should be. Keep tradition and in the same time be open minded for newest finding on the path…

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