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Hi everybody, my name is Davide Vecchi, 51 years old Italian from Denmark.

My interest for Chinese martial arts comes from my admiration for the Tao philosophy that started many years ago when I stumbled upon Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, thanks to which I found out about the Tao Te Ching and the Taoist classics.

I also keep Traditional Chinese Medicine in high regard, also due to its success in solving some very minor but chronic health issues I had that western medicine had failed to solve and if anything had made worse.

So when recently I was seeking to start a regular physical activity that could also make me deeply involved mentally, the choice of Chinese Martial Arts was an easy one.

So I found a wonderful local Kung-fu school, White Crane Fighting Arts here in Copenhagen, where I’m studying Kung-fu, Qi-Gong and Shuang Yang (and later I found that the British headquarter was visited by Master Chen Shixing,, and I plan to participate to the course during Master Chen Shiyu’s visit in Vienna in August.

Due to the appeal of the Taoist philosophy on me, I have particular interest for the Wudang styles. But no matter the style, Chinese Martial Arts are to me a joy to follow and practice even at my newbie level, and I just regret having started this late. But I’m trying to make up for the wasted time 😀. Category: Newcomers

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