New to Wudang

New to Wudang

Dear Master Ziji,

A good day to you.

For some time I have been visiting the Wudang Online School and I am truly impressed by what you are making available. I have participated in Tai Chi programs at local schools in the Netherlands before, but never encountered the sense of source and lineage that the Wudang Academy clearly presents.

Although I had immersed myself in Daoist principles through the works of Kristofer Schipper, a fellow Dutchman who in China is a highly respected scholar and fully ordained Daoist master, it never came to actual practice, because he moved (back) to China soon after he had agreed to teach me actual Daoist methods, and I couldn’t follow. I thought the trail of living Daoism had gone cold.

Now, I find myself practicing Wuxing Qigong and Zang Zhuang every day and learning the Tai Chi 28 form. Because I have been fortunate to study authentic yogic practices in the Tibetan Dzogchen lineage, the coordination of breathing and movement are like meeting an old friend. Practicing the forms is a great joy and I commit myself to learning the properly.

I hope to visit the academy some day soon and receive further guidance if the circumstances permit.

Thank you for opening up a world of wholesomeness.

My best wishes,

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