Newbie in the Wudang Academy – Greetings

Newbie in the Wudang Academy – Greetings

Hello everybody,

my name is Jason and I am a master student of Hung Gar Gung Fu (Lam Family). I practiced Greek-Roman Wrestling, Taekwondo, Shorin Ji Ryu Karate in the past and I love martial arts and I am very interested in the internal arts that are taught at the Wudang Academy. I have some practice in Chen style Tai Ji and I have learned the 8 brocades (Qi Gong).

Ever since I was fascinated by forms. I love learning forms, cultivating them and growing through these. During my 14 years of Hung Kuen study I have experienced external development first and transitioned to internal development.

I am at a stage in my life now, where I am very motivated to learn more about the styles, philosophies and teachings of the Sanfeng heritage, because I believe I can grow personally and develop through the teachings here. I consider this as a path to broaden my perspective and to internalize new experiences. Due to the lack of time in my everyday life and the lack of suitable schools in my area, I am very grateful to have found the opportunity to learn here.

Greetings & Thank you very much

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