Open Day at the Wudang Academy Vienna

Open Day at the Wudang Academy Vienna

Our academy celebrated an open house for all, our refurbishment work is still ongoing, but we can clearly see how our efforts towards this beautiful project are evolving.

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On this day we promoted the Chinese culture with exercises, information, and food. As an official branch of the Sanfengpai many people showed interest in Daoist philosophy and tradition.

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Daoist Tradition

Self-improvement and self-cultivation are the most important aspects of our philosophy. It is important to understand our own reason why we follow these principles. We need to understand our inspiration in order to be able to change ourselves from within.

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Guided Path

The strict guidance of our master is very important. First, we need the life experience and success to understand the right direction in which we pave our way.

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You are never alone…

You are never alone with your problems so we can share experiences and learn from each other. Our school has many community events and opportunities to share experiences and combine your strength to succeed.

Our students cooking food for the open day:

Conclusion of today’s event

It was amazing to see what is possible when we all work together, I let the pictures and videos speak itself. Watch the summary of today’s event in the following video:

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