Organic Green Tea from Thomas

Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage
Organic Green Tea from Thomas

Thomas Morillon is a French pioneer in Wudang since 2015. He manages his organic farm directly in the ancient Wudang Mountains. Right now his small farm can produce up to 100kg per year.

Every April is the new harvest! If you order this product between November and March, we will see this as a preorder and ship your tea at the end of April or the start of May.

Thomas passion for producing quality green tea is borderless, and he is living his dream in Wudang with the very first French green tea farm ever seen in Chinese history. Support his cause with a purchase or pre-order!

Thomas is selling his tea in beautiful wooden boxes with his signature on top. Each box contains 100 grams of his organic green tea.

Low quantities make no real sense because the low volume shipping fee is capped at 1kg. We recommend buying three units to get the best unit/price ratio.

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