Our travel through Beijing to Wudangshan

Our travel through Beijing to Wudangshan

After a long and enduring flight, we finally arrived at the Beijing airport. From there on we decided to go by Airport Express to the subway system of China.

Beijing Subway Map

What awaited us:

We have been foolish to forget “May Day” in China – which is a public festival during 1st till 4th of May. Meaning the inner district in which we originally planned to arrive was closed off due to security reasons. The inner parts of Beijing were crowded while the other parts of Beijing were mostly closed and empty. Finding out that it was not the best time for a group of foreigners to arrive we did the best we could.

All hotels in the center were full for this reason and so we could only do a reservation for one Chinese hotel in front of the Tiantan Road – The Temple of Heaven Road. Interesting enough the hotel was quite central but from the infrastructure not in the best place, we were the first hotel in front of the Temple of Heaven.

Finding fast and reliable internet

We could not check-in the Hotel before 1pm but we arrived way earlier at around 7 am. So I first goal after leaving our luggage in the hotel was to find reliable internet. Next to the Temple of Heaven is Qianmen – the inner area and car-free zone of Beijing’s central district. At the front entrance of Qianmen is a Starbucks coffee – which fortunately does offer fast Wifi. The only thing needed to be done is to register your foreign phone number and receive a confirmation code per SMS.

On our way through Beijing

Here are some pictures I made as we pass through some areas:

Visiting the Temple of Heaven

During our next day we decided to visit Tiantan – the Temple of Heaven, we spend several hours inside before we went to the Railway Station West:

Both parties arrived successfully at Yuan Xiu Gang’s and Chen Shiyu’s school. Stay tuned for more information from our experiences.

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