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The Wudang Academy is a local school in Vienna with an extensive international online program created by Master Ziji, the 16th generation master of the Wudang Sanfeng lineage.

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The Wudang Academy has a complete community platform for students and masters. Including the planning of events, community groups, and forums.

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Every member gets access to our online courses and receives discounts for our shop. There are many benefits, and your support is greatly appreciated!

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Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocades) – Shaking the Body – Eigth Movement

The last movement normalizes the Qi and blood circulation. Again, this is a short but intense movement....

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Newest Blog Post:

The Mystery of Eight Brocades Qi Gong – All Movements

Qi Gong in the West It is rare to see people in the west practicing authentic Qi Gong like in the old days in China. Originally the Eight Brocades Qi Gong form was developed by the military. Qi Gong translates to "Breathing," "Power," "Exercise." Something most people don't want to admit is that the "magical Qi," which translates to "Energy" [...]

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