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  • The Foreigner Classes at Yuan Xiu Gang’s School

    The foreigner class is specifically designed for people from other countries who come for a short-term or long-term stay. The classes are easier than the Chinese traditional class but they are more optimized to get an understanding of the Wudang martial arts and consider the fact that most foreigners are older than the 13y old students at the Chinese traditional class. 

  • The Current Dangers of Monkey Valley

    After the great flooding of Xiaoyao Valley, also known as Monkey Valley, a lot of pathways and bridges were destroyed and till today not restored. The bus station in the valley is fine, but if you want to walk the path up to the golden top, the valley may conceal some dangers which are important for tourists to know.

  • Wudang Friends – Pictures

    We found many new friends and a lot of new impressions. I want to share a few pictures of our most important moments

  • Wudang Martial Arts – Flexible Body and Mind

    The standard stretching routines in the traditional Wudang schools demand high flexibility to improve ones internal power. Being flexible puts less strain on the body and relaxation becomes more efficient. This will prevent injury and establishes freedom in the mind. Freeing oneself from physical and mental blockades to prevent stagnation of energy.

  • The Hidden Heart of Daoism in Wudangshan

    Between all of the politics and competitions, deep in the valleys of the Wudang mountains is the last refuge. The purpose is to live in the mountains and practice the internal arts. Deep in the Yiren valley is a circle of seekers and believers of the truth.

  • Chinese Martial Arts: Baguazhang

    Baguazhang is derived from the philosophy of I Ching. Practitioners move in eight directions represented by eight trigrams: Qian, Kan, Gen, Zhen, Xun, Li, Kun and Dui. Practitioners should keep walking in circles with swinging and hooking steps, and strike with different palm positions.

  • The Swordsmanship of Wudang Style

    The swordsmanship is one of the features of the Wudang school,” says Chen Shiyu, inheritor of the Taoist kung fu in Wudang style. “The sword is considered as ‘king of weapons’. It has a sense of elegance.

  • The Amazing Wudang Mountains

    The vast mountain range of Wudang has been since a long time a place for inspiration and Daoist beliefs. Those who work on improving oneself find a deep bond with the spirits in this area. This post is all about my impressions when I visited the Wudang Mountain area. If you like a picture you can click on it for purchasing a license, nice prints for your wall or a postcard for your friends!

  • Impressions from the Wudang City

    Every Wednesday is a performance day at Yuan Xiu Gang’s school, the performances were going till 11am and the rest of the day is basically free. So that is a nice opportunity to go to the city and check things out! (click on the images to buy a license, print or postcard!)

  • Visiting the Wudang Mountains in 2019

    The suburban district of Wudangshan is within the town Shiyan. In the past, it consisted of bumpy roads and walking paths. The shopping street used to be a crowded marketplace for the locals, now it is closed for vendors and became a western-style shopping street with official restaurants and stores.

Hello Everyone! I am leading my Wudang school in Vienna since 2015 now. What drives me the most is the will of Wudang which resides in my heart. Now you may ask what that is, today; I want to share with you information that took me years to achieve during the time of my study in the Wudang Mountains. When people come looking for something there is always a hidden agenda. The feeling of… Read More

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Sleeping is not the same as sleeping, it depends on how you sleep, where and when. In Daoist doctrines, it also matters in what mental and physical condition you sleep. While you can sleep at the same place and time; under different physical and mental conditions, the effect of sleeping varies. What is Sleep? Sleep for Daoists is a moment of regeneration, a time to let go, not thinking anything and go… Read More

In our country we see many different kinds of tea, also from China but how come they can be so cheap when proper Chinese tea is often higher priced in China? Once you have been in China, you taste the difference in tea and wonder why you cannot get this in your country. The answer is quite simple: If companies would import proper Chinese tea the prices would dramatically skyrocket, you can expect… Read More

Thomas Morillon came from France and opened his very own green tea farm directly in the ancient Wudang Mountains. His farm is very small compared to the big commercial ones and most of the work he does by himself. He has a passion for producing organic green tea. His small farm can produce up to 100kg every year, and after November he is always sold out. The harvest is in April, and… Read More

We, martial artists, enjoy fighting, of course, this what we have been doing all this time. We don’t always need someone to fight against; one can hone his skills alone with dedication. The essence of a fight, however, is that there is an opponent. It is crucial how students in martial arts enjoy their fights. Instead of letting aggression take over, the Wudang basic training is established in a traditional way to… Read More

Our time in Wudang was over in an instant, at least that’s how it felt for all of us. Our travel back to Austria was very tiring, and that is why this post came out a bit later.

We had many preparations to do for our departure on 28th. We were at the post office and sent our swords home which by the way was very expensive. We all have a performance tomorrow and need to sleep early.

Today we did not make many pictures but many new videos. In the evening it started to rain and we were unable to train properly.

Today on our free day we went to the highest point in Wudangshan – the Golden Peak! We made many pictures and videos today, enjoy the gallery!

After training, we went to town to buy green tea and eat traditional Beijing Duck. We met some people and did some trading in the city, as well as getting our handmade Taiji uniforms from the tailor.

Today we had a group from Argentina coming to our school. Besides new friends, we focused on training!