• The Complete Guide to Wudang Taiji Cloud Hands

    Yin and Yang stand for strength and relaxation. It is always the opposite that makes our movements in Taiji. We have two hands and two feet, but none of these two will ever be in the same state. We speak of transitions in Taiji; These transitions involve strength and relaxation and always need direction and energy.

  • Mutual Respect in School

    Daoism teaches us that we should focus on ourselves. Yet ignoring others is just as much an external influence that changes our nature. How do we make our place in a Wudang school?

  • If you want to be Wudang student …

    Looking at the elegance and grace of Wudang masters may be a great inspiration to us, but it is a great step to truly learn from this inspiration for our life.

  • Requirements for students and coaches in a Sanfengpai Academy

    The policies of the Sanfengpai Schools are based on the preservation of the Taoist tradition and include the appreciation of training, respect for the older Kung Fu brothers, and the promotion of each individual’s self-discipline as a life philosophy and personality education.

  • What is the nature of immortality in Taoism?

    The exercises of the Daoists promote longer life and also support physical health. In silence and in meditation, calmness is practiced, with the qigong and tai chi exercises, all necessary channels are opened and released, so that the energy can flow and the body remains vital. If the shell of our mind – the body – is strong and healthy, the mind can spread more easily. Then the body can better tolerate the silence.

  • Taoism and Zhan Zhuang

    Zhan Zhuang is only half as exhausting when the body has many blockages that cushion the very core of inner conflicts because these blockages primarily serve that purpose. The nesting of the self, like a snail, leads to many problems at all levels and is often supported as a protective function of one’s own imagination. Zhan Zhuang is the straightening of our frame of reference and shows us the straight path to the Self, a path of rest.

  • Caught in Your Own Self

    There is only one Dao, images are empty shells that deviate from the origin. Every drop of the great whole ocean contains a reflection of our self. So we find ourselves in other people and recognize in them our own conflicts. If we then try to “help” these people by trying to solve our inner conflicts in others, that just can not be good. This will be a serious problem if we have never realized who we are.

  • Why the West does not understand the Tao!

    This beautiful short film gives us a preview of what awaits us in wudang training, and it can quickly happen that you skip some of the lines when it comes to the mental training of the Taoists. How do we understand something we have not understood yet?

  • The Correct Method of the Wudang School

    The theory consists of the building blocks of yin and yang. We need both to take our self into our own hands. Those who have never been busy realizing their dreams can hardly remain calm. Taiji is a practice-oriented exercise to clarify the natural process. We are no exception here – none of us.

  • Happy New Year and Workshops

    We, the Wudang Academy, welcome everyone in the New Year 2019 and would like to share some of the things that are happening here this year.

After our training sessions today we went to a Karaoke bar and had some fun with our Gongfu brothers. Yuan Xiu Gang also came and sang with us!

Shifu started a group Taiji 13 class today; we recorded the first of it on video, the second Taiji class was in the afternoon. During our practice, we had live Guqin music from Chen Shiyus Guqin teacher and Chen Shiyu himself. Funny fact: I caught Shifu explaining a Taiji movement to a student by pointing in his book at a picture of himself.

We had a beautiful day at school with lot’s of practice, right now we are halfway through with our forms. We also filmed Long Hua Quan from Master Chen Shiyu in the morning, and in the evening we recorded a Gongfu Cha Ceremony with English translation from our Gongfu brother Yuan Kai.

Master Chen Shiyu explained today the Wuji and Yin Yang relation and the essence of Wudang Taiji. We documented it on video, but we still lack a proper translator. Afterward, we went to town and had some thing to do at the tailor. We ordered swords at the swordsmith but still don’t know the prices; we will properly learn more in the following week. We also made a very nice video of… Read More

Today we learned more movements; some still felt a little tired since the weather became very hot again. Our older Gongfu brothers are like a family and gave us very detailed instructions. I felt that the coach for Baguazhang has a different style with his movements and so we learned that he is a student from Grandmaster Zhong Yunlong. He promised to give us a Xuan Wu Quan performance before we travel… Read More

Today the climate is way cooler than yesterday, and so we recovered from the heat. We made some pictures from the training with our older Gongfu brothers. In the middle of the day suddenly a thunderstorm came and we had to stay in the training hall.

Today is a free day, means no Gongfu training. Some went up to the mountains while some went to town. Our group is still not accustomed to the heat, and some underestimated the long term effects. That is why this day is lacking pictures. But we had a beautiful day still, and Chen Shiyu played the flute (Xiao) for us. Afterward, we had to sing our Austrian folk songs for Chen Shiyu… Read More

Today we started our training, as some of us want to develop in a particular direction we all had different coaches. Before training we had a morning ceremony, reading the Daodejing. Chen Shiyu showed us a section of the Taiji 13 form during the training session. Our training consisted only of required basic movements; later our group will learn Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Taiji13, and Xuanmenjian. After training, we went to town and ordered… Read More

The Beginning We started our journey at Vienna airport, from there we were flying to Dubai and had to wait 4 hours to get our next flight to Beijing. Both flights were tiring due to the lack of sleep but the time went over really fast. As we arrived at 11 pm in Beijing, we slept 3 hours in the Three Legged Frog Hostel, from there we transferred to the next train… Read More

Tomorrow we start our journey to Wudangshan, and we decided to start a Journi blog. For all who don’t know what Journi is: Journi is your travel journal and blog. It’s the easiest way to capture, share and relive your travel adventures. Discover other amazing Journis and get inspiration for your next trip. It works offline and is completely free. Journi is the fastest way for us to document our travel without much hassle…. Read More

Connecting With The Tao Stillness is the root of the Tao. Meditation is the key practice for internal transformation. In stillness, we allow the regeneration of the Jing, Qi and Shen – essence, energy and spirit. In meditation, we bring the mind into single threaded thought and allow the natural process of internal cultivation to progress. In seated meditation we cage the monkey and tie up the wild horses, bringing both body and mind… Read More

“Human beings follow the pattern of Earth; Earth follows the pattern of Heaven; the Dao patterns heaven; Dao follows Nature.” Survival is the most fundamental need of human beings. The question of how to improve the quality of life, improve health and prolong life has been of central interest to us throughout time. Achieving good health has been a central part of the culture of Daoism. With its long history and development,… Read More