The Wudang Academy can represent Wudang San Feng in every country, next to our offers you will learn about the possibilities and the procedure. Our mission is to explain the authentic Wudang art and deliver it entirely. Planning and exact prices are to be discussed directly with us via email below.

Wudang Training

San Feng training program:

The traditions of the Wudang San Feng Line are among the most important legacies of China. In the course of training, all valuable contents are taught, and their context explained. After the internalization of the San Feng teaching as a whole, an independent development can begin. The living of tradition is necessary for the authentic propagation of this internal art.

Seminars and Intensive Courses:

  • Optimal duration: 2 to 4 days
  • Minimum number of participants: 10 persons up to a maximum of 40 persons

Seminars and intensive courses about our contents are best to be held all day long. Starting from a higher number of participants of 20 persons and more, we organize additional coaches.

Wudang Academy Coaching

Private lessons and personal coaching:

  • Suitable for single persons or small groups

Private lessons are an effective way to perfect very specific content. If desired, we can work on possible weaknesses and thus improve our own abilities.

Training clothes, exercise weapons and equipment:

  • Custom tailored and the most from in-house production
  • International Shipping

Our products are produced directly in Wudang on the spot. If you need special designs, exercise weapons or equipment for your Tai Ji, Qi Gong or Kung Fu school, simply send us a request.