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Ancient Chinese Royal Cup


The form to inspire wine and ancient culture!

Ergonomic mouth and grip design!

Three sizes!

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Han Dynasty Wine StoveThe yellow river gave rise to the Chinese culture and so with the traditions and religions various bronze vessels came forth during the late Shang dynasty. At this time the people drank wine from millet as it was the areas stablest grain, during this period the wine was preferred to be served warm. In the early Han dynasty, the wine was prepared in a wine stove made from bronze with a small fire below. It is believed that the wine back then was similar to the yellow wine we know today in China. Yellow wine is non-distilled water with rice, millet, wheat or any other cereals. The alcohol content is always below 20% alcohol since this is the maximum the fermentation process can produce.

If you want a piece of an ancient culture which is only known from its legends, we bring you these wine vessels in three different sizes:

Cup Sizes

As back then in critical strategic meetings, these ancient bronze imitation vessels are fully functional and will give your formal business meeting the understanding of its seriousness. One cannot refuse to lift the wineglass, which should be done traditionally with both hands and a firm grip on the handles, bow to show respect towards your host. The ruler demands respect!

Be aware that the largest cup will only be served as a pair, since ordering it as a single cup would bring only dispute and bad luck under the laws of heaven. But it will be delivered in this royal packaging directly to your palace or summer residence:

Cup Box

Order more than one to bring good fortune and a 15% discount!

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Weight 0.8 kg

Small 30ml (8x5x11,4cm), Medium 50ml (10x6x13,4cm), 2x Large 75ml (13,2×8,2×17,8cm)

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