Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage

Authentic Brass Yin Yang Master Taiji Jian


This sword is made of very high-quality materials, including fine brass fittings. Truly a sword that accompanies the practitioner for life.

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The sword is an incredible masterpiece made from the finest materials. It feels precious and a little heavier; the density is compact. Even so, it’s still effortless to manage. Made from the best heartwood and high-quality brass, this sword will last a lifetime. This is one of the best handworks from the master blacksmith.


  • Size 26: blade length 71cm Suitable for height of shorter than 163cm tall
  • Size 28: blade length 77cm Suitable for height of 163-173cm tall
  • Size 30: blade length 81cm Suitable for height of 173-184cm tall
  • Size 32: blade length 86cm Suitable for height of over 185cm.

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