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Authentic Wudang Tai Ji Jian


Handmade sword in three sizes!

Long-lasting, high-quality rosewood!

Mirror polished stainless feather steel!

Optimized gravity center for swift movements!

Strong blade-through-hilt design, no rattling!

This is a serious tool for practice, not for combat!

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The Wudang sword is a symbol of dedication and purity. The straightness to reach our goal and overcome ourselves without letting our ego wander is an art similar to painting your inspiration onto the canvas. Fast, yet to be later and reach first, be gentle and tolerate. All that is going against the path of the gentleman will find themselves to be lost from heaven. Nonetheless, the sword is known as the weapon of the true gentleman, the noblest man under the heaven, indeed a fitting tool for a Daoist, reminding yourself of the rigidness of which a fight suffers.

Swift but lasting is the effect of a change from someone with true intentions. Primarily protecting our honesty and overcoming our inner self. Being true to ourselves and create reality in the freedom which we explored.

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Weight 2.5 kg

70cm (body height 155-159cm), 80cm (body height 160-174cm), 86cm (body height 175-185cm)

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