Casual Daoist Herb Collecting Bag


Very practical bag for collecting Daoist medicine in the forest. The bag consists of a compartment at the back and three compartments at the front.

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In the Wudang Mountains, Daoists walk their well-known forest trails and collect all kinds of roots and herbs that can be used to treat various things. The most important thing is that you follow these trails regularly to find new mushrooms or herbs. Each season of the year has its own ingredients that are important to Daoist medicine.

This bag is handy for collecting different types of mushrooms, roots, and herbs. It has up to four spacious compartments.

Spring is the time of fresh herbs – these have the greatest effect, as the roots have been able to concentrate their power throughout the winter. Between summer and autumn, many plants and trees bear their fruits; these are collected and dried. In late autumn, the Daoists dig for roots. During this time, the root activates its storage function and contains powerful healing properties.


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