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Chinese Jujube (Red Dates)


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AAA classic Daoist medicine

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Jujube is one of oldest fruits in Asia and goes back in history to 9000 BC. Everything can be made with Jujube, candy, liquor, medicine, tea and much more. The fruit has antispastic, antifertility/contraception, hypotensive and antinephritic, cardiotonic, antioxidant, immunostimulant, and wound healing properties. Jujube has a rich and soothing flavor.

Jujube in the Daoist Medicine

The Jujube is called Hongzao in Chinese. In Daoist medicine, Hongzao is used to ease abdominal pain, especially for women. Hongzao can be used as an additional ingredient to enjoy drinks and food, the flavor is especially favored by women and children. Hongzao is easy to digest for the stomach and is often used in Shi Fan – a traditional rice soup usually for breakfast. Hongzao can make life more enjoyable and enhance all kinds of flavors from sweet to spicy, in all cases it has a soothing effect for the stomach. Hongzao can also enhance the blood quality and therefore promotes the Qi quality.

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