Handpainted Ceramic Gong Fu Tea Set

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It is a combination of one tea tray, one teapot, one pitcher, eight teacups, one filter net, and its folder, two cup mats, one pot-maintaining brush, one tea towel, and a set of tea accessories chadao 6pcs.

  • Total size of tea tray: L53cm*W36cm*H3cm
  • The material of tea tray: black stone
  • The material of tea set: porcelain
  • The volume of teapot: 200cc
  • Size of teapot: L13.5cm*H8cm
  • The volume of pitcher: 210cc
  • Size of pitcher: L12cm*H76cm
  • The volume of teacup: 60cc
  • Size of teacup: W6.5cm*H4cm


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