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Laozi Brocade Wall Decoration Scroll


High-resolution brocade print (no paper)!

Intense colors, giving you great inspiration!

Choose your background color!

Many different sizes!

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The sage is adventuring endlessly without leaving home. These high-quality brocade wall scrolls show Laozi, the legend from a different perspective. The ultimate goodness is like water, being able to be at places where no other picture may be comfortable.

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Being able to accept yourself and your environment will give you new opportunities, as you can adapt to different situations you will overcome your ego. To understand your true nature take a minute to meditate! We have those five colors to choose from:

We all are different but coming from the same source, the Dao. Looking into the water’s reflection will give you an opportunity to look at yourself.

The way of nature is not perfect as we force our understanding we will become unlucky. Being able to accept, let go and give it everything are things we have to balance. What we try to win we must be willing to lose, yet the Dao makes no exception and inspires everyone with great detail:

High Res Sample

It is beautiful that our world is in harmony between earth and heaven, in which we can find ourselves!

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30x80cm, 45x100cm, 60x130cm, 70x150cm, 85x180cm, 95x200cm


Yellow, Black, Beige, Red, White

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