Metal Xiao Flute Hidden Jian


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The length of flute xiao is about 62cm, length of xiao + sword is about 80cm, length of Anti-Join is about 142cm.

width is about 1.8cm, thickness about 0.6cm, diameter about 2.5cm


  • 1* cloth case
  • 1* Chinese Knot
  • 1* flute membrane
  • 1* dimo glue
  • 1* dimo protector

Copper flute routine maintenance:

Copper will oxidize, which is a natural reaction, in order to avoid problems of oxidation, we do a test of surface oxidation treatment, after two months of observation, color still changes. It is also not suitable for plating, because the finger holes and blow holes also need polish and debug, also mouthpiece plating will affect the sound, if plating time long, flute surface will fade, so we consider longtime do not use the so-called oxidation treatment and to maintain the advantages of copper material itself, so we will not use plating.

Then how to solve the oxidation problem? We are equipped with a special cleaning cloth, used correctly, it can get very good results. The method is to clean the copper flue surface used the cloth with water about half the month, wipe the oxidized surfaces, rinse with water and then dry. Repeated three or four times, about two months later, then the surface will not be oxidized, always will keep the brass color. Then it can be wipe again after six months or a year later. New copper flute needs to be patient, let the new copper flute oxidized in the natural environment for some time, at the same time you care about it easily, the flute will be very beautiful. This is the result of our experiments, the surface will not oxidation along with the using time.

Titanium, stainless steel flute requires little maintenance, they are washable, corrosion protection, oxidation resistance, wipe the surface with a soft cloth, that will be ok.


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