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Premium Myanmar Constipation Fruit


Pure Constipation Fruit from Myanmar for powerful health benefits. Ideal for detoxification, bowel movements, and slimming effects. One of the most amazing natural remedies!

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The Constipation Fruit from Myanmar is highly effective against internal heat and is used by the Myanmar people as a detox agent against poisoning. It’s a natural remedy and has no negative side effects, but the effects are powerful, so don’t take too much. It has a skin-smoothing effect, promotes new body fluids in the stomach, and reduces the lungs’ fluid. The Constipation Fruit relieves fatigue, moisturizes the intestines, and acts as a laxative.

It especially helps the elderly to bring their digestive function into a natural balance. It is also recommended to drink the Constipation Fruit as a tea after you ate something strange.

The Constipation Fruit is a natural resource growing on trees in Myanmar and is also widely known in China as Niu Jiao Shu Guo.

How to drink:

Break a part of the roll and put it in hot water.

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