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Natural Damar Gum Resin

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Though often called Dammar Gum, Dammar is not a gum at all but a pure oleoresin since it contains no water-soluble gum.

Dammar is collected from a wide variety of trees in the Dipterocarpaceae family.

In Sumatra, where this resin is sourced, it is gathered from trees of the Shorea genera.

One of the most versatile resins, Dammar dissolves easily in-

-Turpentine or essential oils to make a varnish for oil paintings. (It dissolves beautifully in Frankincense essential oil!)

-Warm vegetable oils for salves and medicated oils. (So far, I find all tree resins have an affinity with the skin!)

-Paraffin wax for Batik dying.

-Beeswax for encaustic painting.

Dammar also dissolves in alcohol and can be used to impregnate incense papers. The paper is first dipped in a solution of Salpeter and water, left to dry completely, then dipped in a solution of Dammar and alcohol. When dry, the paper will burn evenly due to the Salpeter and it will release its scent of Dammar as it burns. Recipes for incense papers can be found online. Many different resins and aromatic materials can be incorporated in incense papers.

As an incense ingredient, Dammar melts clean on the coal and burns with a pleasant uplifting fragrance reminiscent of Sandarac and Mastic. Dammar has the same high vibration energy as these two resins and works in much the same way to break up and dispel yuchy energy and cleanse a space.

Damar resin melts at about 120 degrees centigrade and can be poured and cast in moulds to create true, “Natural” and non-toxic Orgonite jewellry. A vacuum chamber might be needed to pull residual bubbles, but still, options galore.

This is the premium grade, clear Dammar with many large whole pieces.

If using Dammar powder in a recipe, it is easy enough to grind your own from this material, assured it is high quality and nothing extra has been added to it.

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Resina Liquidambaris


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    Smell: 10 grams

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    Smell: 200 grams

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    Exceptional purity good quality good Wudang Academy Store recommended product well packaged!!

    Smell: 50 grams

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    Didn’t receive but refunded.

    Smell: 50 grams

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