Original Bi Luo Chun Tea


This tea is mainly drunk in spring, the perfect gift for the New Year! Quantity is limited and sold out quickly!

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In Chinese, it means "Spring Green Snail." It is also well known as "Spiral of Spring Jade" or " Green Snail Spring." It is one of the Chinese rare green teas of exceptional quality known all over the world.

Since its shape is like a snail and is collected in spring, it is named "spring snail tea." The shapes of each bud of Bi Luo Chun tea should be even and curl as a snail. Its fine silver feather can be seen all over the leaf. When steeping in a glass cup, the tea leaves extend like rolling, creating a wonderful picture for its drinkers. The color of spring snail tea soup is crystal light green with a refreshing smell. It's rich and mellow in taste is smooth and long-lasting.

The leaf of Bi Luo Chun is tiny and comes out spiral shaped; the brew is clear and golden and exceeds delicacy. Its skillfully hand-crafted, downy leaves unfold in the cup to produce a delicate, aromatic, light golden liquor that opens with a fresh, crisp astringency and develops into a well-rounded sweetness with a lingering, mellow, slightly buttery finishes.

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250g Biluochun, 500g Biluochun