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Premium Breathable Gong Fu Training Pad



Highly durable



In a sparring, our idea of being in harmony is challenged, in the Wudang training it is the way of going last but reaching first. Every Wudang student is proficient in traditional Sanda (Chinese boxing) which is a very forceful and aggressive way to express oneself. The important part is to stay relaxed, not to force things and hit accurately. During the training process, the student develops an understanding of his power.

Durable Equipment for Professional Practice

Our training pads are very versatile for many different techniques and training approaches. The partner practice is a valuable part of developing an understanding of combat and challenging oneself. It can be used to enhance punching power, accuracy, and endurance. If punching correctly the pads can be used without boxing gloves, accurate coaching for beginners is required to prevent injury. The training pads feature a very breathable mesh material under the pads for secure and comfortable holding. The improved hygiene of the breathable material makes the maintenance much easier. During practice, the hands can hold the pads securely without sweating and keep a firm grip on the pad.


  • Breathable material
  • Highly durable
  • Firm grip ball
  • Three colors: Red, Yellow, Blue

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Red, Yellow, Blue

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