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Premium Light Ba Gua Dao


The Ba Gua Dao is the greatest saber used in Wudang martial arts. This Ba Gua Dao is built very light, so it can be used by females or beginners easily, but also for masters who want to demonstrate the movements this version will be interesting. It weighs only 1 kg!

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The Ba Gua Dao is an ancient weapon to stop horse riders and bandits. The movements of the Ba Gua Dao are unique and consist of the Ba Gua principle. You can learn the Ba Gua Dao also in our academy.


  • Length: 130cm
  • Blade length: 99cm
  • Handle length: 30cm
  • Weight: 1kg

All measures can be +2,-2 off because the Ba Gua Dao is 100% handmade; slight variations can happen.

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Weight 1 kg