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These Chinese Straight- Swords are designed for professional competitions and collectors, masters. Brand quality is assured! Collection Value and all life use!!! This Jian is called Meihua Qing Jian, one of the most famous Jians in Qing Dynasty.

Blade: The blade is diamond shaped made of hand-forged Damascus steel with a finely polished finish. It has a full-tang making it strong and sturdy. The stiffness of the blade is moderate (mixed with super steel and Iron ore). The blade is made by the traditional way of making swords in Longquan(thoroughly tempered, well-seasoned, much-steeled, go through fire and water) that has been hand folded at least 10 times so the blade is very hard and nicely suitable for combat usage and cutting. Special tip: The blade is also clay tempered (Turns the soil to burn blade)-advance manufacturing way to make the edge of blade harder and sharpened so that’s why you can see the looking of water wave on edge of the blade. The blade is stiff, not flexible!!! The sword blade has live sharp edges so the blade is very sharpened! if you want it blunt, leave us a message.

Scabbard and fittings: The scabbard and handle are made from pure pearlfish skin. The fittings on both the sword and scabbard are made from solid brass with the complicated handmade hollow carving of bamboo and Meihua. The fittings are made in the way of hollow carving, that is an advanced skill, complicated, and much time and energy on it because of all handmade with traditional Chinese style inlayed with some green jades.

Specification: The whole length is 111cm. The length of the blade is 81cm, and 26cm handle length. The width of the blade is 3.6cm. The thickness of the blade is 0.9cm. The weight without scabbard is 1.3kg. The whole weight is 2kg.

It comes with a free set of sword stand, silk bag, gift box, certificate of collection and etc.


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