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Professional Performance Gong Fu Dao


Handmade quality

Traditional saber construction



This flexible and professional grade performance saber is built for maximum functionality and reliability. Expert practitioners of Chinese Wushu rely on the perfect balance and strong, durable metal.

Traditional Wu Shu Saber

The practice of the traditional saber is accompanying a disciple from the beginning till advanced studies. The saber is considered an easy weapon to learn but will provide a lot of inspiration in the wielder for a long time. The heart of the traditional Gong Fu saber lies in the continuing and repetitive practice, which lead to a balanced technique consisting of offense and defense at the same time.

The steel of a traditional Gong Fu Saber must bend 180° without memory; its flexibility is required to endure the strength and power of the practitioner. Our sabers will provide the wielder with the explosiveness and elasticity which is required for the traditional Gong Fu saber practice. Long lasting as rocks and flexible as bamboo, our saber shine at professional performances and show the excellent technique of the practitioner.

Our saber sabers come in three sizes:

  • Small: blade length: *60-64cm
  • Medium: blade length: *65-69cm
  • Large: blade length: *70-74cm

*Since our sabers are all made by hand the sizes may slightly differ!


  • Handmade quality
  • Traditional saber construction
  • Solid hardwood handle
  • 180° bendable metal
  • Highly elastic steel

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