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Stainless Steel Bagua Taiji Jian


Our fully functional handmade Wudang Bagua sword has a nice center balance for all levels of students and can be a nice companion for all kinds of exercises. Recommended for Taiji but also for Gongfu practice.

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The sword is available in three different blade sizes. If you are over 180cm tall, then the 30inch version is recommended for people up to 2m.

The fittings are excellent, and the core – the sword’s hilt is nice and tight. It truly is a nice sword for all kinds of purposes, and in this price range, one can hardly ask for more. It is a great beginner sword but can accompany you all the way, it feels very nice in hand, and the center is very good balanced for quick and explosive movements. If you are looking for a functional sword without compromises, then get our Bagua sword.

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stainless steel