Traditional Chinese Wushu Miao Dao


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The Miaodao is a Chinese two-handed or of the era, with a narrow blade with a length of 1.2 meters (47 in) or more. The name means “sprout saber”, presumably referring to a likeness between the weapon and a newly sprouted plant. While the Miaodao is a recent weapon, the name has come to be applied to a variety of earlier Chinese long sabers, such as the and . Along with the, Miaodao were used by some Chinese troops.

The blade is made from stainless steel. The fittings are made from full handmade brass, and the scabbard and handle are made out of solid pearwood in a natural color and black stained.

The blade is semi-flexible and blunt if not hand forged and tempered!

Forged and tempered is a stiff blade suitable for cutting!

Specification: The whole length-138cm. The length of handle-40cm. The length of blade-99cm. The sword weight without scabbard- approx 1.1kg


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