Traditional Custom Made Premium Wudang Daoist Uniform With Overcoat


Very stylish uniform for formal occasions. The overcoat also works well when the climate is a little harsher. The uniform is custom tailored, so we need your measurements!

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This typical Daoist uniform has proven its worth since the Han dynasty. Freedom of movement is given and the fabric embraces the skin naturally.

The most common colors are white, blue, and black. White symbolizes purity, blue the sky, and black stands for master and authority. The color white is therefore always welcome and preferred in Daoist schools.

Additional information


Unisex – Men and Women


blue, black, beige, orange, green, dark gray, brown, silver gray, red, pink, white, yellow, dark purple


50% cotton 50% linen


shirt + pants + overcoat


open sleeves


elastic cuffs

4 responses

  1. Honorable Memebrs of the Wundang Academie,

    I send You my Measurements. Checked twice as recomended
    May I asked You, if there is the possiblity to get another color as offered?
    Maybe I want to order a second robe in a few month in “Kornblume” ?
    Is the blue You are offering like the color tintenblau?
    Maybe I send You a mail with the color card picture, if You get me Your Email?
    With many Thanks and best wishes for all of You
    Anna Gunkel

  2. Hello! The colors cannot be pinpointed because they differ for every material scroll. So the safest way is to specify the colors as we did without visual confirmation – since the colors are never accurate. We have blue, and it is the same as you see in the featured product image. There are no other blues available, sorry. The tailor has the material that is needed for this type of uniform. They don’t keep exotic colors.

  3. Hello there.
    I’ve read you message above about it the inconsistency of colours. Would it be possible to see samples of what is available before production happens?