Traditional Custom Made Premium Wudang Tai Chi Uniform With Overcoat


An overcoat is very comfortable to wear, especially in the transition months between winter and summer. Not to mention the fact that it looks extremely stylish. The overcoat of the same color as the uniform is often worn at important meetings. We need your measurements for the correct adjustments!

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This uniform can also be worn for ceremonies and other formal occasions. The most common colors are white, blue, or black. The uniform is tailor-made and customized.

The color white stands for the pure ambition to work on oneself, blue stands for heaven and freedom, and black for coaches and trainers who want to exude authority. For the training path within a Daoist school, white is usually worn.

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Unisex – Men and Women


beige, black, blue, brown, dark gray, green, orange, pink, dark purple, red, silver gray, white, yellow


50% cotton 50% linen


shirt + pants + overcoat


open sleeves


elastic cuffs

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