Traditional Custom Made Premium Wudang Tai Chi Uniform


This is a very elegant tailor-made Tai Chi uniform from the Wudang Mountains. For the correct adjustments of the uniform, we need your exact body measurements, which you can send us here!

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This is a hand-tailored high-quality uniform for the Tai Chi practitioner. The students and masters in Wudang wear these clothes every day. Therefore, the clothing must also meet the requirements of Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Many colors are possible, but traditionally only white, blue, and black are used for Daoists. White is the standard color in schools, while black is only intended for masters and coaches. White symbolizes the pure inspiration to train, while black has the meaning of authority. When masters want to express their humility and inspiration for self-cultivation, they usually wear white.

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Unisex – Men and Women


beige, black, orange, pink, dark purple, red, blue, brown, dark gray, dark green, silver gray, white, yellow


50% cotton 50% linen


shirt + pants


cuffs with two frog buttons


elastic cuffs