Traditional Custom Made Premium Wudang Daoist Uniform


A very simple but stylistic uniform as it has been known since the Han dynasty. Traditionally still worn today by Daoists in the Wudang Mountains. This uniform is high quality and custom made; therefore, make sure you send in your measurements!

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Almost all Daoists walk around in this uniform in the Wudang Mountains. The uniforms are mostly traditionally tailor-made, and the tailor follows special guidelines during production. The processing is aimed towards high quality and practicality.

All colors are possible, but mostly only white, blue, or black is worn. Black is mainly for authoritarian people like masters or coaches. Blue symbolizes the connection to heaven and is the main color for religious Daoists in the temples. White represents purity and ambition to work on yourself. Therefore, most masters and students wear white, self-cultivation is important, and it takes hard work to maintain a white uniform.

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Unisex – Men and Women


blue, brown, beige, black, orange, pink, dark gray, yellow, green, silver gray, white, red, dark purple


50% cotton 50% linen


shirt + pants


cuffs with two frog buttons


elastic cuffs