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Traditional Daoist Fu Chen from Wudang



Traditional Daoist tool

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The purity of one’s soul is cultivated with the continuing practice of this ancient instrument. The Fu Chen or also called Horsetail whisk is an ancient duster or cleaning of oneself in the internal arts.

Fu Chen for Internal Cleaning

When becoming a Daoist disciple the Fu Chen is one of the most important tools to strengthen the determination in the internal arts. The practice with the Fu Chen will develop the purity of one’s personality and enhance the intention in the Wudang practice.

The traditional Fu Chen is made only from natural materials, carefully handmade and with intention developed to perfection.

Daily Practice

The frequent practice with the Fu Chen is the key to improve a clear intention and a positive character. Only made from 100% real Horsehair the Fu Chen is naturally tolerating every movement. The sound of channeling the Fajin power through each movement will give you the control of absolute harmony and strength. The balance between nature and movement is supported by the environment. Each slight breeze will accompany your intention and the gentle sound is followed together with the rustling of leaves. The Fu Chen is a symbol of humans going the way of nature only directed by the laws of heaven.


  • Natural blackwood
  • 100% Handmade
  • Handle length 40cm
  • Hair length 60cm
  • Crafted for perfection

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