Traditional Daoist Sandalwood Hairpins


These traditional handmade Wudang hairpins are made from sandalwood. Carefully crafted, simple, and yet functional for a practical hair knot. There are many different designs to choose from. These hairpins are for both men and women; it should be noted that the simple designs are more suitable for men. Daoist students usually made their hairpins from branches; the hairpins you buy here are historically correct and made from high-quality sandalwood branches. The Daoist hairpin is a clothing piece that accompanies the student always on his journey.

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These hairpins are made for men and women; the women usually wear beautiful hairpins with animals or flowers, while the men wear simple designs or hairpins with dragons or clouds on them.

Each hairpin is handcrafted and can have slight variations, keep this in mind when choosing one from our store.

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