Traditional Daoist Wooden Hairpins


Traditional Daoist Hairpins

100% Handmade

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A traditional Daoist hairpin is a tool that will accompany every disciple throughout his study. The hairpin is usually self-made and very simple for men, for female the hairpins can usually be more decorative.

Traditional Wooden Hairpins

Natural material for the Daoist hairpins is very important. The way of nature reflects throughout the studies of internal Daoist doctrines. Our hairpins are made from the wood of the Wudang mountains and present you a piece of the heart that lies behind this ancient philosophy. The Daoist doctrine guides the disciples to find the way of harmony. The resembling of one’s harmony with nature will calm the heart and direct the emotions towards a positive and happy life.

Part of the Daily Clothing

The daily Daoist fashion is characterized by its simplicity. The hair knot is a Daoist tradition for men and women to not lose focus of unimportant things. The connection with heaven is clear and connects for men and women differently, that is why men wear the hair knot centered on the top and women wear the hair knot slightly on the back of the head.


  • Traditional crafting
  • 100% Natural Wudang wood
  • Hand carved wooden pins
  • ~17cm length

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