Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage

Traditional Handforged Gongfu Master Dao


The professional saber for a master practitioner, hand-embossed brass fittings, and remarkable high-quality chromium steel, which is extremely rust-resistant, makes this saber’s appearance always astounding.

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There are three sizes available:

  • 26 inches full length: 95cm 71cm knife handle length: 18cm blade width: 3.5cm — 6.5cm Blade thickness: 0.1cm — 0.6cm Sheath weight: about 0.75kg(men/women with height less than 161cm are recommended)
  • 28″ Full length: 100cm, 77cm shank length: 18cm Blade width: 3.5cm — 6.5cm Blade thickness: 0.1cm — 0.6cm Sheath weight: about 0.75kg(it is suggested that men/women with height of 161cm — 175cm should choose more appropriately)
  • 30″ Full length: 105cm, 81cm, knife hilt: 18cm, blade width: 3.5cm — 6.5cm, blade thickness: 0.1cm — 0.6cm, sheathed weight: about 0.8kg(Men/women with height above 176cm are recommended)
  • Sword technology: manual blank, hot forging, quenching, tempering, shovel, file, embossing, copper inlaid, polishing, decoration and other 28 procedures
  • Blade material: high quality chromium steel, never rust (not opened)
  • Scabbard material: chicken wing wood
  • Handle material: chicken wing wood
  • Fittings: brass engraving, hand embossed

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Blade Material

premium chromium steel (extremely rust resistant)