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Traditional Slim Gong Fu Tea Ceremony Set


Five variations

Ultra slim tea table



The daily tea ceremony raises the spirit and promotes good luck. For thousands of years, the traditional tea ceremony was a custom to discuss good social relations. Even in times of war, a tea ceremony could not be denied and eventually ensured longlasting friendship.

Making Gong Fu Tea

The Gong Fu Tea Ceremony may vary from region to region and customs, each tribe had his specific ceremony and was passed down in the family. Dedication and skill are required to achieve the harmony and spirit of a Gong Fu Tea Ceremony. The tea is promoted by each movement and ritual during this ceremony to please the spirits by offering them tea for the immortals and celestial beasts.


Complete tea ceremony set with bowls, teapot or serving bowl, and cups. Exactly as on the pictures!

  • Ultra slim tea table – fits everywhere
  • Porcelain tea set in stone optic
  • Wooden tea table tray
  • Six cubs with serving bowl or pot

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Weight 1.5 kg

Tea Pot Set 1, Tea Pot Set 2, Tea Pot Set 3, Dragon Cup Set 1, Dragon Cup Set 2

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