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Traditional Warring States Tai Ji Jian


Handmade sword in many sizes!

Long-lasting, high-quality rosewood!

Mirror polished stainless feather steel!

Optimized gravity center for swift movements!

Strong blade-through-hilt design, no rattling!

This is a serious tool for practice, not for combat!

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A historically inspired sword like this one can bring you back to the fundamental principles of swordsmanship. Dedication and purity in training shall triumph on the road to success to accomplish true mastership with the Tai Chi sword principles.

The Tai Chi sword and the overcoming of physical limitations

We can develop our body and spirit to reach our imagination. Everything beyond is possible with extensive weapon training. When the Tai Chi sword is becoming an extension of our mind and body, with it we will widen our horizon and practical view of our universe. With our Yin and Yang – tension and relaxation – the sword will act like a lever that can be stiff and piercing and compliant and defensive at the same time. As the sword itself, the shortest and straightest way to achieve the goal is the inspiration of our efficiency in Tai Chi. Like Laozi is telling us, we heavily depend on our situation, our place between heaven and earth, it is our mission to find the right application to achieve harmony in stillness and movement.

The lesson of life with a Tai Chi sword

My training with the Tai Chi sword is significant to my view of the world itself. Failing intuition means a failed opportunity if I am not determined I will not hear the heavens mandate. By giving it all my effort I am unyielding in my persistence, going for the straightest opportunity possible that is given to me. We continuously develop by hearing our intuition and take action before our mind starts to reason. Relaxing our nervous system is essential to feel differences between you and the gravity center of the sword, giving you the opportunity to react.

The video below shows you this sword which very much inspired me to go to the lengths to show you all of this: (In this video I am telling you the sword is Han style, I got confused by the Han-styled sheath which very much looks like all the Han swords, but further research made it clear for me that the sword itself is inspired by the Qin Dynasty, the Warring States)

Additional information

Blade length

72cm, 74cm, 76cm, 78cm, 80cm, 82cm, 86cm, 90cm


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Michał Małek
Michał Małek

I bought this sword 3 weeks ago and I’m still fascinated by it. This is my first wudang sword and chosen together with Michael (sifu Ziji). His experience has helped me make the right choice. The sword is beautiful, very well made, solid, well balanced. Exercise with a sword is very natural, smooth and a bit tiring, although the sword is not too heavy. I am sure that I made a perfect purchase and I recommend to all Wudang adepts this sword.