Traditional Wudang Cloud Shoes


This iconic shoe is the high quality original in the Wudang Mountains. Of course, only handcrafted in premium quality.

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Traditionally, these shoes are carefully sewn by the tailor. It takes a lot of manual labor to make such a shoe, and in Wudang, these shoes are still made today as they were then. These shoes usually last a very long time and the quality is extremely high and satisfactory.

The hard rubber sole is perfect for the mountains and stony terrain. The shoes protect the wearer and offer very good support.

As you can see the Cloud Shoes have characteristically five white spots on each side. Five is in China the number of human beings. It also symbolizes the way of life.

In Summary, each shoe has ten “clouds” which symbolize rebirth or going back to unity. The number ten has a greater meaning in Taoism as it is the number of creation and the principles of Yin and Yang. This reference can be found in the symbol of  (Qi) and  (Ten). On a closer look, the cross shape in the left corner is equal which symbolizes the influence of Yin and Yang and the direction (path) in both ways. In the simplified writing, this reference is left out.

Another meaning of the ten clouds is the creation of the Ten Thousand Things. The uncountable, symbolize the whole of manifestation.

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Unisex – Men and Women

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