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Traditional Wudang Daoist Hairband


Traditional hairband

For securing hairpin

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The traditional Wudang Daoist hairband originates from the customs of ancient China. The hairband is commonly used to keep the hair knotĀ secure in place. Many Daoist Gong Fu practitioners rely on the hairband to keep the hair knot in position in order to protect the Bai Hui.

Daoist Customs

The traditional Daoist hair knot if for everyone required if one takes the traditional Daoist study seriously. The hairband is always simple in design and commonly used in black color for children and adults alike. When Daoists grow very long hair below the hip the hairband can be skipped because the hair is long enough to go around the hair knotĀ and secure the hairpin. Growing hair and let nature go its flow is very important, but this does not mean not to take care of oneself. On the contrary, Daoists usually take very good care of their outer appearance since it does reflect their attention to the internal arts. Clean and pure appearance reflect a pure intention of cultivating oneself, this is often misunderstood by unkempt foreigners. In the traditional Daoist study clean clothing and shoes, as well as clean hair and careful attention to their study, goes hand in hand with building a good character and virtue.


  • One size fits all
  • Traditional hairband
  • For securing hairpin

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