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Traditional Wudang Pudao (Two Sections)

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Solid hardwood staff

High-quality manganese steel

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The traditional Pudao is a weapon to stop attacking horsemen. It’s length and cutting power is known through Chinese history and had an important part in the infantry. The Pudao has a mightly reputation and is strong as a long weapon in the open field.

Pudao in the Daoist Martial Arts

The Pudao is a little shorter and lighter than it’s larger cousin the Guan Dao. While Shaolin mostly uses the Guan Dao, the Pudao is often practiced by Daoist martial artists. The Pudao is a lot faster and promotes explosive movements (Fajin) which would not be possible with the much heavier Guan Dao. As a fast long weapon, the Pudao is hard to predict, and long practice with this weapon will enhance the abilities in the internal doctrines to use Fajin as defensive techniques. The Pudao can cover a lot of space and attack very fast from different directions, the mastery of the Pudao is inspired by the harmony between the Pudao and the wielder.

Our Pudao as Travel Companion

Our Smith made all Pudao by hand and added the special feature of a strong connection screw in the metal middle section, which enables you to simply carry it in a shoulder bag. Every section is carefully fixed on the hardwood staff with four connection screws and ensured the stability and construction of our Pudao. Perfection is our inspiration, and there is nothing harder than a big and bulky long weapon, take our Pudao everywhere and go to your favorite places and master the Pudao in the tranquility of nature.

Pudao measurements:

  • Blade length: 50cm
  • Full length: 185cm
  • Weight: 3.3kg


  • Solid hardwood staff
  • High-quality manganese steel
  • 180° bendable blade
  • High elasticity
  • Solid middle construction
  • Can be separated in two sections
  • Easy travel functionality
  • Shoulder bag included!

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Weight 4 kg

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