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Unrefined Brown Sugar Flower Medicine Drink


Brown sugar cubes with flowers!

280g content per box!

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In China many people, especially women like traditional unrefined brown sugar as daily drink and as medicine. The cramp relieving properties make it a good drink during menstruation. Brown sugar does promote the internal blood circulation and can relieve headaches and everything that is caused by inadequate blood circulation. Brown sugar, however, is an excellent source for iron, as 100 grams contain 15% of our daily iron needs. The other nutrients, while there are many, are in too low quantity to have any significant effects, however, it does increase the tolerance to the body, making it a smooth drink for tired or sick people.

Unrefined Brown Sugar Flower Medicine DrinkOur brown sugar tea comes with pressed flowers to give you a higher nutrient value and taste experience. The unrefined taste of pure energy will make your spirit awake and help your body to improve the function of the internal organs. Enjoy your life and experience what matters! Help your body out instead of ignoring his needs, relieve pain, stress, and cramps caused by our unawareness and daily problems we have to overcome.

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