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Wholesale Yunnan Premium Bamboo Shelled Pu’er Tea

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Four-year-old stored Pu’er tea

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The traditional process of pressing and fermenting Pu’er tea is a national treasure in China, Yunnan is one of the highest quality regions for Pu’er tea. The deep dark color of Pu’er is accomplished through oxidation, by storing it for a long time a cool and dry place. Traditionally Pu’er tea is pressed into discs wrapped in paper and stored into bamboo barrels for several years.


  • *Four-year-old stored Pu’er tea
  • 357grams each disc
  • Seven discs in a barrel
  • The total amount of Pu’er tea: 2499grams

*Pu’er quality is decided by the depth and richness of flavor, which grows over the years.

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