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Wudang Daoist Bamboo Meditation Summer Health Cushion

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Relaxing for feet without compression

Bamboo material suitable for summer



Meditation in the summertime is essential to stay in harmony with yourself. The Daoists practice internal alchemy and frequently practice meditation to remain quiet and undisturbed from the reality of nature. The right meditation cushion can help your seating position and reduce internal conflict. During summertime in the subtropical Wudang environment, it can be a blessing to have a bamboo meditation cushion, bamboo is naturally heat-absorbing and keeps your body cool and in harmony with your breathing.

Healthy Feet and Sitting Posture

Our bamboo meditation cushion is from especially hard sponge to keep the body in a comfortable resting position. The cushion has to be very hard to relax the tendons and promote blood circulation. When the seating cushion would be too soft it can cause problems in the blood circulation and bone structure due to internal compression from sinking into the cushion. The proper upright position in the meditation exercise is so naturally stable and supported. Our bamboo meditation cushion is used by daily meditation practitioners in the Wudang mountains and ensures the quality assurance and the functionality for professional use. The intended use for this meditation cushion is long-time meditation practice and for that, it is hard to find anything better.


  • Size: 65x85cm
  • Handmade Daoist cushion
  • High-quality premium product
  • Hard sitting properties for a healthy posture
  • Relaxing for feet without compression
  • Bamboo material suitable for summer
  • Naturally heat-absorbing

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Weight 4 kg

Black, Brown

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