Qi Gong Course in Graz at the Schloßberg, Styria

There is a Qi Gong course with Centina and Master Ziji in Graz. This new course should enable more people to know the healing and strengthening effects of Qi Gong. The exercises are based on practical applications that help strengthen fascia, bones, joints, and muscles. In addition, the posture is vital to understanding the natural relaxation and will be corrected for each student individually.

Who can participate?

The course is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. The natural limit of what is possible is different for everyone. This is precisely where our Qi Gong training shows its advantages, as each position adapts to the abilities of each student.

What do I need?

It would help if you had loose clothing that does not restrict your movements; significantly, your pants should not restrict wide positions. There is the option to buy a uniform from the Wudang mountains for our training, but it is not a requirement for our course. Also, make sure that you use shoes with a flat sole.

Where? At the castle hilltop

Our Qi Gong class is near the famous Glockenturm in Graz at the castle hilltop (Schloßberg), directly beside the Hackher Lion statue.We train on this observation deck beside the Hackher lion! Usually, this corner is not frequently visited, and the view is gorgeous.


If you are interested in participating, please get in touch with us via the form below!


The class is every week on Saturday at 9 am! When we have seminars in Vienna, the course is on another day during the week. Generally, the students will have the opportunity to participate four times a month for the monthly participation fee.


  • 15 Euros per class
  • 50 Euros per month (all classes included)

We encourage the monthly payment method for regular training. In the case you are looking for private classes please take a look at this section!