Master Chen Shiyu

Qi Gong is What You Need to Learn – Because Now You Think You Know

There is no other art like Qi Gong, which is technically touted in marketing with many empty promises. Besides, there are apparently Qi Gong schools everywhere that promise a certificate in a few weeks or even train masters in a short amount of time. In this post, I don’t want to write about the strange tactics that Qi Gong is sold with today, but about the common misunderstanding of the term Qi Gong because most people today actually have a completely wrong impression of it.

Qi Gong in the fast lane

This is ridiculous; Qi Gong promises a feeling of well-being and good health, very efficiently and quickly. But how is that really supposed to work? With the energy? With the highly efficient exercises? With the stretching exercises? The providers usually can’t think of much more; it seems to be enough to scam innocent people.

Let’s be clear now

The hard facts are not well received by many of the interested parties or the other providers. My education was very strenuous, and I see my students’ responsibility as more important than not bringing the truth to light. Qi Gong is the most important part of any internal martial art. Qi Gong rarely comes alone but is an essential part of a martial arts school. Today I can safely say that my school, the Wudang Academy – the Qi Gong of our lineage of Sanfengpai – is one of the best Qi Gong routines in the world. I will explain to you in a moment how Qi Gong works and why ours is so good.

This is what you need to know

Qi Gong is first and foremost like anything you write on the back with the “Gong” – a lot of work. Translated, it means “fuel” for us humans, which is oxygen, and together it means breathing power exercise. Qi Gong works naturally like our body, without any supernatural effects. It is simply better gymnastics for everyone as there are more factors, but no one knows about it. Therefore, I will go deeper into the ways of using and applying Qi Gong.

Qi Gong, in Daoist teachings, focuses on stretching the fascia and optimizing the breathing rhythm. The same Qi Gong in another school like Shaolin is fundamentally different. Qi Gong is, therefore, not Qi Gong; even if the names are the same and the routine is already known, how you train is important.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

It is dangerous to exercise anything; many offer unofficial Qi Gong routines with familiar names and familiar routines; I can only advise against it if you want to stay healthy. But how can a layperson find out whether it is a real Qi Gong?

Qi Gong in the fast lane – never trust people who promise quick success with simple and effortless Qi Gong routines.

Well-being, wellness, and relaxation – three things that have nothing to do with the process of Qi Gong exercises. After every sport, you will feel better afterward, especially with the right Qi Gong exercises. You can compare that to athletes – how would you market a sport? Definitely not with a sense of wellbeing. Of course, you want athletes who can keep up with the training plan, so you would say it is your chance to get better, but you need to fight – put lots of effort into it. In sport, it suddenly becomes clear that we have to make an effort. So why not with Qi Gong?

Improving the energy balance – these are absolutely empty promises; nobody has become fitter without exertion, and what else should this energy be? Never get sick? Yes, then please stretch a lot – and do it right and train your circulatory system as well. These are the two things that will go the best in helping you avoid getting sick and avoiding stress.

It’s a fact that is similar to yoga – in the West; Qi Gong is full of pseudo-trainers and pseudo-masters in glossy plastic uniform who have all been doing this for years and are fully convinced of it.

Ok, I want to learn the real thing – but what are the benefits?

Everybody can do it if they want to!

Qi Gong takes years to be really good at it. Everybody can feel the effects of our Qi Gong physically very quickly. After the first two courses, you should have no or almost no pain, if you have had any – especially in the main areas such as the back, shoulder, and neck.

The real success of Qi Gong is for healthy people, not for “damaged” people. Once the pain is gone, Qi Gong really starts with the following:

The most important point to learn about Qi Gong is the straight posture. This avoids a wrong posture in the future, and the practitioner gets a feeling for the straight posture. Only when you stand upright can your body relax and focus your strength on other things; this is very important for martial arts.

Advanced students who are good at Qi Gong will learn how to use breathing rhythm, which directly creates a feeling and control over Yin and Yang – strength and relaxation.

Most people are so far from advanced practice that having more information is just confusing. If you really want to learn Qi Gong, you start at the bottom; most students drop out because they underestimated it. So too much information is not good; focus on the exercise. Qi Gong is not for sale, and there is no supermarket where you can get what you want. You strive and reap the benefits.

Of course, this all sounds less exciting than everyone else’s marketing speech, but if you want to learn an inner art, don’t let the surface distract you.

How can I start?

We all practice authentic Sanfengpai Qi Gong!

You can get a taste in our online courses! But of course, personal coaching from Master Ziji is vital to be able to correct you. This is a route of your choice. Nobody can help you in your endeavors. But it is a path that leads to a great treasure – something that you cannot buy. Not only do you learn an old tradition from our line, but you are also free to decide what you want to do without pain and physical and mental abilities – to become young again.

See you soon on your journey!


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