San Feng Lineage

The San Feng line is the most prestigious group in Wudang due to its authentic and comprehensive teachings. Through the Wudang Daoist Association, the traditional San Feng line has been maintained and made accessible to the public in 1989 after the change of Chief Coach Guo Gao Yi under the new leadership of Chief Coach Zhong Yun Long.

Two other groupings: Xuan Wu and Long Men (Dragongate), came out publicly; they have little in common with the San Feng line and, until recently, have not been preserved as well. Today, there are some new groupings, which, however, are mostly self-manufactured styles and have nothing in common with the original tradition of Wudang.

While many other styles pursue esoteric and religious goals, the San Feng line is oriented to the philosophical and application-related Daoism (according to Lao Zi), the teachings of Zhang San Feng, the founder of internal martial arts, and preventive methods of healing Medicine. The proven contents of the San Feng line are visibly recognized and studied. In the West, in sports science, medicine, and philosophy, the San Feng line gain more and more academic notoriety and reputation.