Self-Conflict in Internal Arts

Self-Conflict in Internal Arts

What really is a problem to us are our boundaries, the chains we set ourselves. Believing in one thing is not enough we must explore to know.

When the strength is leaving our body, we get out of our comfort zone, and our concentration drops. Battling with ourselves to the limits will give rise to an internal conflict. Letting go of our ego and accept failure will resolve all problems we have of ourselves. Only to never give up is the goal of our struggle, giving us an opportunity to grow.

The strength to continue is what masters seek in their students, giving them the hardship to strengthen their resolve to continue. This nourishing path is a path of internal development and forms true personality through unwavering discipline.

What is so good in our life if we are never challenged? Nature always has to test itself to evolve. Self-conflict means the development of crystal clear focus on the essential things.If successful then the students have accepted everything in their heart, free from all burdens and only recognize their freedom.

Think about it as a valley and mountains; only birds may fly freely without challenge. The hardship to walk all the way is nothing when the heart accepts the journey.

Sincerely Your Master Ziji

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