[Shop Guide] How to Measure Your Wudang Clothing

[Shop Guide] How to Measure Your Wudang Clothing

Qi Gong and Tai Ji become gradually more famous, and more people begin their practice. One thing, however, remains unknown due to the cheap clothing industry:

Chinese clothing mass production uses an Asian size index; this makes it highly unlikely that the uniform will fit for Europeans.

Most practitioners wear a cheaply made uniform in the wrong size. This situation is incredibly sad because the training suit should be carefully custom-fit, especially for your needs. In ancient China, the clothing was part of the traditions, and wearing such a uniform was an honorable thing.

Nobody except the big industry is really at fault; I am sure if you are serious about your practice you will choose the right uniform. The mass production from China makes it a hard business to provide others with authentic traditional clothing. We are an official Wudang clothing supplier and eager to make your custom-fit uniform. Our business is everything related to Wudang and Daoism.

What is the right size for me?

We provide you with this video to guide you through the measuring process!

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